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Cities, etc.

TEXAS State Historical Association Includes the Handbook with a neat searchable reference to the Lone Star State!

Richardson, Texas Our home town

Banff, Alberta, Canada Just West of Calgary, a great base for exploring the Canadian Rockies.

Duck Creek Homeowners Association Our local homeowners association

Dyer, Tennessee My home town.

Jasper, Alberta, Canada The North end of the Canadian Rockies Parks. Very pretty.

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada Home to one of the prettiest vacation spots on earth!

Luckenbach, Texas Not exactly caught up in the hustle and bustle of the rat race!

Plano, Texas We're practically neighbors

Taipei, Taiwan We also feel at home here.

Tainan, Taiwan Angie's home town and another place where we feel at home.

Vancouver, BC, Canada Great place to visit


Texas Urban Living, Plano Where Angie hangs her broker's license

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