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Last Revised 14 May 2016

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May saw a bunch of old friends enjoying a beautiful day and some good food and conversation. We managed to come up with solutions to most of the world's problems over lunch, but I can't remember what the solutions were!

L-R: Jim Rushing, Terry Freeman, Mauricio Nuñez, Harold Shiroma

More pictures here.

Come join us for lunch at Abuelo's on 75 in Plano at 11:30 a.m. on the 13th of each month, or the following Monday if the 13th falls on a weekend or holiday. Next luncheon will be  Monday June 13, 2016.


L-R:  Jim Rushing, Terry Freeman, Mauricio Nuñez, Harold Shiroma

Angie and I with some Texas wildflowers in the background

We made a trip with the Wallners in early April 2016 down to Ennis to take in the wildflowers. While they're not exactly spectacular this year, they're always pretty, and we all had fun on the trip!

Lots more pictures here.


After finishing up our cruise in Houston, we rented a car and drove back to Dallas. Along the way we stopped in Huntsville to visit the somewhat larger than life statue of Sam Houston which we'd not yet seen.

I can certainly recommend stopping for a few minutes to take in the view then next time you're down that way.

More pictures here.


Mr. Sam, standing tall in Huntsville

Pretty much the whole crew! Clockwise starting at bottom left: George Huling, Larry Pavilcek, Mike Crye, Jim Wallner, Fred Gariepy, Rex Stephens, Terry Freeman, Ken Rogers.

In October 2015 we took two of Angie's sisters on a cruise from Quebec City, Quebec, Canada to Houston, Texas!

While we were hoping to see some colorful foliage, we were afraid we were too late, having taken the last cruise of the year. As it turned out, we hit the peak of the season.

More pictures here.


Once in a Blue Moon! July 2015 had a good one on a clear night.

Blue Moon: Popularly recognized as the second full moon in a calendar month. The actual full moon will occur tomorrow, July 31, 2015.

Taken with my new Canon PowerShot SX50 HS hand held. I think I'm going to like this camera!

Blue Moon in July

Breaking up at Texas Roadhouse

See what happens when that Wallner woman gets her hands on a camera! Connie had a new Photo Booth ap on her iPnone and caught us in some "candid" shots while sharing dinner at the Texas Roadhouse.

Don't remember what the joke was, but it must have been funny!

This spring at the Dallas Arboretum has simply been fantastic! Tulips and cherry trees were spectacular early on, and now the dogwood and azaleas are heading up the show.

Brides and Quinceañera girls seem to always be on hand to lend an added spice to the scene.

More pictures here.

L-R: Connie Wallner, Terry Freeman, Allegra Burnworth, Jim Rushing

With the Wallners at the Arboretum

A couple of days later Spring arrived for sure and we headed to the Arboretum. Guess who we ran into! Here's Angie with Jim and Connie Wallner who had just finished lunch at the DeGolyer restaurant.

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it, and it might as well be us! While my Collins-Rockwell-Alcatel friends were getting ready to go to our monthly luncheon, Angie and I were relaxing on the top deck of the Viking Lif at the junction of the Inn and Danube rivers in Passau, Germany.

A few pictures from the trip are posted here on Flickr, and more will be posted shortly.

It's a tough life, but someone has to do it!

Thistle and "Snow on the Prairie" in the fields around Lake Lavon

View of of a very low Lake Lavon from near Brockdale Park Equestrian Trailhead. The purple of the thistle and the white "Snow on the Prairie" made the hills beautiful on the first really cool day of Fall!

Since we don't own a horse, we were riding Shank's Mare on the Trinity Equestrian trail. This trail is maintained by the Trinity Trail Preservation Association, It's open to both horses and hikers (no bikes) at no charge. The chiggers are free too!

As you probably already know, Angie and I took another cruise back in April-May, this time to the UK. I've finally managed to get all the pictures posted, and you can see them all here, separated into the various places we visited.

Here we're having dinner on the Ruby Princess with old friends Marion and ShueFong Dilley.




L-R: Marion and ShueFong DIlley, Angie and Jim Harrison

Sam Reed holds a congratulatory coffee mug after officially becoming an engineer

Samuel is now an Engineer!

Congratulations to cousin Samuel Reed on both graduating in June and on passing his FE. Expect to see great things from him.

(By the way, way back in my day the expression was "Last week I couldn't even spell ENGUHNEAR, and now I are one!")

Goodness gracious, Mike Lewis even showed up at the Rockwell-Collins Retirees meeting! It's been a long time since I last saw Mike. I caught him along with Jim and Connie Wallner and Everett Turvey for a picture.

More pictures here.

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